Saturday, April 11, 2009

5 year class reunion!

Can you believe we have been out of school for 5 years already?
Time flies!

The 5 Year class reunion is this summer and the date is most likely going to be July 25th.
Please comment and let us know who may be interested in attending, also please comment on any suggestions for activities you may have for the reunion. (swimming pool, casual hangout/ bbq, formal dinner, etc.)

Thanks for your help everyone. Can't wait to see you all there!


Harmony. Anthony. Kelton. Kynley. said...
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The Marchant Family: said...

Actually it will be July 25th, 6-9 pm at the old Middle school, which is now the Diamond Fork Jr. High. It will be about $7 a person for dinner and we will have some fun stuff going on. If you don't mind posting that I would be much abliged! We have an email address that we would like people to rsvp to if they want to come and please leave an email address and a permanent address too. Sorry this is a lot of information, but thanks!!

Sam said...

Samantha Coombs
Add me to the list as well.

Aubrey and Jonathan said...

Add me to the list of 2004 alumni. Maiden name Aubrey Knutson. My blog is Also, my husband and I will most likely be attending the reunion, although we would way prefer something casual and free, like a potluck barbeque. Anyway, see ya'll there!

P.S. I usually only check facebook when I receive messages or event invitations, so you might get a hold of more people like me if you send out an event invite via facebook. And an email is easy to forward on to friends who might not be on facebook or have blogs. Just something to consider. :)

Kristy or Josh said...

add me to the list as well my maiden name is Kristy Kell my blog is thanks